DIY Bride: Add a Pop of Color To Your Wedding Gown

Posted Saturday July 5, 2014 3:03 PM GMT

Every bride wants to be unique and a new wedding trend allows gals to show off their unique style by adding a touch of color to their gorgeous gowns.

We know this isn't for everyone, but if you're looking for a creative way to express yourself on your big day - check out our DIY tips for adding a funky hue to your wedding dress below!

Dye the Crinoline
Although not everyone will see the hard tulle under your dress, you can dye the underneath of your dress a fun color! This is the perfect way to match your darling bridesmaids. Simply purchase your favorite Rit Dye color and pin up your dress until you see all the crinoline. Mix the dye in a kiddie pool and dip your crinoline right in. Hang to dry and you are all set. This makes for great photos!

Add a Fun Corset String
If you're opting for a corset back on your gown, you can mix it up a bit with color. Instead of leaving the strings ivory or white, go to your local craft store to buy a satin color to create your one of a kind corset strings.

Pick a Colorful Sash
Most dresses need some sort of accent at your natural waist. What better way to accentuate the smallest part of your body then will a flirty sash. You have plenty of options on colors for this route. Go to your local craft store to pick your favorite color ribbon, cut it long enough to tie around your waist. Fashion a darling bow and you are all set.


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