DIY Burberry Bead-Embellished Platform Pumps

Posted Wednesday February 22, 2012 1:03 PM GMT

What better way to pretty up your feet this sandal season, than with a pair of haute embellished footwear?!

Design house, Burberry, created a pair of stunning platform open-toe heels draped with beads for their 2012 Resort collection.

However, the price tag on these killer kicks would probably send you into sticker shock. So, try out this extremely easy DIY project to replicate the look for yourself for way less! These pumps would look amazing with a pair of copped skinny jeans or with a flowy mini skirt!

What you’ll need:
- Platform sandals with wide heel
- Two bags of wooden beads (Two separate colors total, any color you like)
- Eight strands of black string, each one 15cm long.

How to:
- Take one bag of your wooden beads and string them onto 4 strands of the black string.
- Take the remaining bag of wooden beads and string them onto the other 4 strands of black string.
- Then, take two of each color and put them together. For example, if you have four strands of brown beads and four of yellow pair together two strands of the brown with two strands of the yellow leaving you with four strands for each shoe with two of each color.
- Then tie the ends of each strand together, leaving you with two necklace-like strands of beads.
- Now, tie them around your ankles and let them dangle over-top your platform sandals!

*You can even wear these beads while donning a cute pair of flat sandals!

Photo Credit: Burberry

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