Slimming Style: 5 Ways to Instantly Create a Thinner Silhouette

Posted Monday March 5, 2012 4:31 PM GMT

It seems as if we're always hearing about new fad diets and calorie crunching workouts, but what would you say if we told you it was possible to slim down your physique with a few simple styling tricks?

While getting fit is always the ultimate goal, you can surely help give the illusion of a thinner frame in the interim with just a few steps.

Below is a list of fashion and beauty-related tips to make the most of your current your silhouette - playing up your favorite parts while trimming spots that you're still not quite content with.

1) Look fit with the right fit: Yes, it may be easy to layer on baggy duds as a way to hide your imperfections, however, adorning yourself with over-sized items can actually make you appear larger than you really are. When you choose pieces that fit correctly, you'll actually flatter your figure.

2) Add heels for height: It's a no brainer - elongating your limbs will undoubtedly help slim your overall look. To create an ever more lengthened look, opt for nude or flesh-toned.

3) Accessorize: Knowing where to place your beautiful baubles is key. By adding a long necklace you open up your chest area; it also draws others attention to your mid-section - which is often the smallest area of the female body. Additionally, Long, dangling earrings help to draw eyes upward, all the while playing up your fabulous facial features.

4) Pick the right wash: Choosing the right jean for your body type is never an easy task, but one sure-fire way to cut inches from your lower half is to opt for darker hued denim. A deeper wash helps uniform your bottom half, which in turn will appear to shrink your overall appearance.

5) Tan: Heading to the beach or simply ready to slip on a pair of shorts this spring? Help ease any anxiety by slathering on a self tanner. Deepening your skin tone will work to camouflage any imperfections, ultimately resulting in a more slender-looking silhouette.

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