Summer is Here: How to Dress For Your Dream Internship!

Posted Friday June 19, 2015 8:37 AM GMT

In the girl world, figuring out the perfect outfit is a major life decision, especially if it’s for your dream summer internship. You want to come across polished and professional on your first day, but the boring flats, white button-down and outdated khaki pants just aren’t doing anyone ANY favors.

You’re an intern, not a fashion prisoner - so, take a few tips from us to find the perfect ensemble that is not only office-appropriate, but also a mix of your personal style. It is possible, we promise!

1) Discover your work environment.
This is crucial for deciding on your internship attire. If you’re uncertain of what to wear, the best way to find out is by observing, or simply asking. When you arrive for an interview, make sure to take note of the staff's wardrobe so you can gauge if it's a formal or casual work environment.

2) Leave your six inch stilettos at the club.
Wobbling around the office grasping desks, chairs, railings or anything in sight to avoid a non-graceful face-plant is never a good look. This doesn’t mean you can’t rock a killer heel, just try to keep it less than four inches.

3) No short shorts or skirts.
Shorts can be professional too, just make sure you use the fingertip rule. Shorts paired with a tucked-in silk blouse and cropped blazer is the new version of the power suit.

4) Less is more.
When it comes to accessories don’t overwhelm yourself, along with the rest of the company, with neon, studs, a diamond necklace, earrings, bracelets and rings. Keep it classy and professional with just one statement piece.


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