Summer is Here: Transform Your Jean Jacket into Our DIY Denim Vest

Posted Thursday June 11, 2015 7:00 AM GMT

You rocked your jean jacket all through the fall and winter but now the temps are rising, and it's a bit too toasty to keep that heavy piece in your wardrobe. We have a solution for all of you denim fans.

Take your jean jacket (or buy an inexpensive replacement) and transform it into a hip, denim vest!

You only need a few essential items for this super easy DIY fashion project!

- denim jacket
- fabric scissors
- studs, rhinestones or lace (optional)
- fabric glue


Cut the sleeves off of the jean jacket, creating a vest. For the most precise snip job - cut along the seam near the shoulders. Use fabric glue to attach the options studs, rhinestones or lace around the collar of the jacket or any where your heart desires.

To finalize your ensemble - pair with a maxi dress or with a colorful pair of shorts. Enjoy your hip new fashion piece, that you created all on your own!


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