Tired Of Your Old Jeans? Save Them With Our 7 DIY Tricks!

Posted Tuesday May 20, 2014 10:25 AM GMT

Questioning whether or not to throw those old jeans away? Before you whip out the donation bin, we have a solution!

How many times have you looked at your old jeans and loved the fit, but wished they weren’t so worn out? Well, we made a list of seven ways to update your jeans with a personalized, DIY flare.

This list will last ages and prevent you from throwing your money down the drain. Check out our ways to save your old jeans below!

Tie Dye
The best thing about tie dye is that the color choices provide a wide variety of ideas. Whether your mint jeans need a hint of black or your white jeans need some pink, tie dying can help you switch up your wardrobe. Don't be surprised if your friends start begging for your style tips!

Most of you probably ditched your bedazzler years ago, but adding studs to old jeans is the perfect way to turn them back to chic. Studs can be added anyway and anywhere throughout the pair. We love adding a few on pockets or around the ankles to create a sexy, rocker look.

Color Blocking
An essential trend right now, color blocking your old jeans will help you save money and remain stylish. All you need is fabric paint, a paint brush and masking tape. Make a design with masking tape and then pick a complimentary color for your jeans and you are all set to paint away.

If you've searched for ombre denim in stores, you know it can get pricey. This at home version will take your style to the next level. All you need is bleach and time. Start at the ankles of the jeans and bleach a little bit less with every block. This is the perfect summer look for lunch!

Add Lace
Adding lace to your denim duds is a great way to turn your ensemble from drab to dainty. All you need is a few appliques to help cover patches and create that soft feminine look. You can place the lace anywhere throughout the jeans and create a one of a kind look.

Jeans a little too tight around your ankles? Add zippers! To achieve this look, cut the seams to the point where the zippers stop and add adhesive fabric to make sure that the zippers stick. This is perfect for a pair of black jeans paired with pointed toe flats. Pull off that ensemble, and you're sure to look sleek!

Every woman deserves a pair of distressed jeans. These can come in boyfriend or skinny styles and allow for a punk flare in your wardrobe. But when the jeans cost a fortune in stores, why not distress an old pair? Just cut where you see fit and leave it bare or add your favorite fabric to create a unique look without breaking the bank.

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