Transform Your Closet with Our Easy No-Sew Clothing Hacks

Posted Tuesday June 24, 2014 3:55 PM GMT

We all have those pieces of clothing that are gathering dust in our closet because we've either worn them one too many times or it just isn't in style anymore. Instead of pitching your valuable items, glam up your ensembles with a few easy, DIY fashion tips that will completely transform your old wardrobe.

Best part of all - none of these projects require an ounce of sewing knowledge! Check out the list below:

Create an Open Back T-Shirt
Take an old tee and fold it in half. Cut lines into the back of the shirt starting with large strips that eventually get smaller. When you're finished cutting, unfold the shirt and lay it flat on its front. Take the second strip and fold it under the first, keep going down the back of the shirt, taking each strip and tucking it under the first strip until you reach the bottom. When you reach the last strip tie a knot and you are on your way to glam.

Add a Pocket to a White Tee
A white t-shirt can sometimes be the best bet for simple elegance, but what if you want to let your creative side show? Go to your local craft store and pick a fun, unique fabric and trace a typical pocket design right on top of the fabric. Cut it out iron half inch folds on the bottom and right and left sides. Use fabric glue on the edges and press firmly down to create a clean seam. Place a book on top and let the pocket dry. Once the glue is dry, apply glue along the edges and place on your white shirt. After drying rock your new look to a cookout!

Add Bow Sleeves to Any Shirt
Show off your toned arms with a bow sleeve top. Cut a slit toward the top of the shoulder downward on the front and back sleeve. Then cut off a thin strip off the bottom of the shirt and save the fabric. Cut two 2.5 inch strips off of the extra fabric. Use your fingers to pinch the center of one of the sleeves and wrap the strip around securing the ends with glue. Repeat on the other sleeve and you are rocking your edgy top!

Add a Lace Design
Crescent moons are not only in, but hotter than ever. Don’t waste an insane amount of money on this trend when you can make your own! Print out your desired size moon and place it on the back of an old t-shirt. Cut the pattern out of the shirt. Add iron-on adhesive and add a complementary swatch of lace to cover the entire surface area of the moon!

Make Your Own Crop Top
Crop Tops are a must-have this summer and sometimes it's hard to find the perfect one. Luckily, we have tips to create your own crop! Start with a large non-stiff tee shirt. Cut off the sleeves of the shirt so it looks like a muscle tee. Then cut the neck line of the tee so it has a deeper scoop neck. Finalize it by cutting off the bottom of the shirt to your desired length and you are ready to rock a crop top.

Add Fun Studs to Your Jeans
When your jeans need a little pick me up, add studs! All you do is cuff your jeans to the desired length (buy long jeans if you are short so the cuffs sit on your ankles). Then stop by your favorite craft store to pick up edgy studs that fit your fancy. Push the studs into the cuffs and use pliers to flatten the back!

Add Fun Sparkle to the Neckline
We love thrifting, and this is the perfect project to find at your favorite second hand shop. Start by looking for a collared shirt. Find one with sleeves, without sleeves or whatever you feel most comfortable in. Take old CDS (Backstreet Boys, NSYNC, Britney, etc.) and cut them up into fun shapes. Then super glue them on to the collar to rock a metallic collage.

Open Back Sweater
Open backs are all over the racks right now so keep this trend office appropriate with a sweater and a polka dot tank top. To achieve the design, cut right up the back of a sweater and add two pieces of Velcro at the top and you have a fun open-back sweater!

DIY Infinity Scarf
Infinity scarves are the perfect accessory for every season. If you don't have one, create your own at home! Start with a large tee and cut off the bottom. Take a foam top paint brush and use fabric paint to create polka dots on the fabric.

Multi-Strand Scarf
Start with an old tee and cut off the bottom hem of the shirt. Then cut strips one inch, horizontal strips. horizontally that are 1 inch. Finally, cut the end of the bottom hem so it becomes a string. Using the string tie it around the strands to secure placement. Wrap the strip around a few times and you're all set to rock your new scarf.


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