Wow 'Em With This DIY Sequin Elbow Patch Sweater

Posted Tuesday October 9, 2012 12:54 PM GMT

'Tis the season for knitwear. So, what better of a time to make your cool weather duds look extra hot?

Embellishments are all the rage this fall, and this DIY from A Pair And A Spare just gave us another way to rock them for the months ahead.

Just follow the steps below and watch last year's sweater go from simple to stylish in no time flat.

You need:
- A sweater
- sequin fabric. I always go for good quality sequins that aren’t too shiny as this looks much more subtle.
- scissors
- a needle and thread
- craft paper and pen

- Using your hand as a guide, draw an oblong shape on the paper.
- Cut the paper out and pin it to the back of the sequins.
- Cut the shape out.
- Repeat the process a second time.
- Thread your needle.
- Pin the patches in place, and then try on the sweater to make sure they are located in the right place. Then lightly stitch them on, using a longer stitch on the inside of the sweater and a shorter one on the front so that the stitches are less noticeable.
- Stitch the other patch on, making sure to stitch in the right place so they look symmetrical.

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