Hot Topic: Tackling Lingerie Market with a Blackheart

Posted Friday November 2, 2012 2:46 PM GMT

Giving goth gals some seriously sexy underwear options, Hot Topic just announced a new lingerie division under the Blackheart moniker.

According to CEO/Chairman Lisa Harper, the new initiative fills the gap for their clientele, whose preppy peers opt for brands like Victoria’s Secret.

“The Blackheart lingerie concept is a test that allows us to leverage the Hot Topic customer and offer her product categories that will not cannibalize the core Hot Topic brand,” she began, noting that the “Love You To Death” tagline has been quite catchy.

“We have a great opportunity to aggressively cross-promote Blackheart to our 5 million active database customers, nearly 5 million Facebook fans and in our 620 Hot Topic stores.”

Blackheart retail locations will open on November 15th beginning in California and Texas, with products priced from $8.50 to $44.50.

Photo Credit: Blackheart

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