Undacova Adds Lingerie Line to Their Offerings

Posted Tuesday January 31, 2012 2:30 PM GMT

Christian Kilchling and Percy Ndaba are parlaying their momentum in the men’s fashion underwear scene to a softer side of style for the ladies.

The new Undacova Lingerie range fills a void in the marketplace with smart-priced, well-made undergarments that are also super sexy.

Kilchling told press, “The brand was really born out of the apparent need for a young, fun, well-produced and reasonably priced underwear product in the South African market. Undacova is a brand that picks up on local trends and subcultures while coming across with an international handwriting. I suppose that is what also makes Undacova different.”

“When we launched the men’s wear product in fall 2008, it went into stores and sold out quickly. There were calls immediately from customers for a ladies’ range. By the time the brand was officially launched in Cape Town’s Design Indaba show in March 2009, we were showing underwear for both men and women.”

But going the lingerie route has had its share of challenges. “It has proven more difficult to find an adequate retailer to stock the ladies’ range. But we are planning to put a small selection of pieces from our spring-summer 2011-2012 collection into independent boutiques this year. Next year, we want to focus on finding a big retailer to carry the whole range.”

Photo Credit: Simon Deiner

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