Collab-Happy: Pamela Love + Zadig & Voltaire Jewelry Is Coming Soon!

Posted Thursday January 31, 2013 1:28 PM GMT

It’s always exciting when two fashion forces team up for a project, and Zadig & Voltaire’s venture with Pamela Love is sure to be something special.

Z&V artistic director Cecilia Bonstrom is jazzed about the whole deal, which will yield a six-item range of earrings, necklaces, and rings priced between $210 and $560.

Bonstrom said, “Pamela Love is joined with the rock attitude of Zadig. People are going to like it a lot because you can wear it in many ways.”

Love added, “I’m not as well-known [in Europe] as I am in America, for sure, and I know that Zadig has a lot of exposure and reach. So I really do hope that it helps to build brand awareness and drive people to discover my main line. It’s a mixture of my line with the Zadig aesthetic.”

Photo Credit: Dominique Maître and Wild Heart

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