Fonderie47: From Guns to Glamour

Posted Thursday December 1, 2011 3:38 PM GMT

While automatic machine guns may strike fear into most people, humanitarian leader Peter Thum had a much different reaction to seeing AK-47s while in Kenya in 2008.

Thum joined forces with John Zapolski to found Fonderie47, a jewelry company that takes recovered gun metal and creates ‘wearable art.’

Thum explained, “We saw the AK-47 as an opportunity because it’s such a successful design. It’s something that’s globally recognizable. What better way to turn things around than with this object, which represents so many things ugly, and turn it into something beautiful?”

Comprised of earrings, cufflinks, rings, and other accessories, Fonderie47 combines gun steel and gold for beautiful designs that bear the original gun’s serial number.

With prices starting at $25,600, it’ll cost consumers a pretty penny to pick up these items, but a portion of the proceeds help to fund nongovernmental organizations for peace.

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