Ringly Announces Bluetooth Cocktail Ring!

Posted Wednesday June 11, 2014 11:20 AM GMT

The advances in wearable technology are exponential as of late, and Ringly is currently taking pre-orders for a new piece of jewelry that keeps you connected to your mobile phone.

Slated for a Fall 2014 release, the forthcoming Bluetooth cocktail ring pairs with a mobile app and can alert the wearer of incoming emails, phone calls, text messages and various other communications.

Each ring comes equipped with both a vibration feature as well as a tiny LED bulb to flash a variety of colors so it’ll be as subtle or as noticeable as is appropriate for the setting.

And rather than sacrificing style for functionality, Ringly CEO Christina Mercando says it’s the best of both worlds. "It doesn't look like technology."

For a limited time, Ringly is offering a 25% discount on pre-orders, making the rings available for $145-$180 depending on the stone.

Photo Credit: Ringly

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