Amazon's New Shopping Gadget is a Lazy Girl's Savior

Posted Thursday April 10, 2014 12:23 PM GMT

Staying fit means eating healthy, and with the crazy schedules we all keep these days, Amazon has come up with a way to streamline the grocery shopping process.

The new Amazon Dash is a scanning device that looks like a home pregnancy test and works like a personal assistant.

Per the official description, “Every member of the family can use Dash to easily add items to your AmazonFresh shopping list. Keep it on your kitchen counter or hang it on the refrigerator. Did your kids just eat the last of the cereal? Conveniently refill and restock your home's everyday essentials, and have fun doing it.”

So how easy is it? Amazon says, “Dash connects to your home Wi-Fi network and works directly with your AmazonFresh account. Say or scan items into your Dash, and then view the list on your desktop or mobile device to purchase and schedule delivery.”

Depending on the Dash’s success, we could see it moving out of the grocery realm and into personal care products and apparel!

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