Meggings: Keeping Men Warm This Winter!

Posted Saturday December 15, 2012 4:17 PM GMT

With celebrities like Russell Brand and Justin Bieber sporting them as of late, meggings (male leggings) could be the next big trend for guys.

The slim-fitting tights are “taking Manhattan by storm,” and there’s already talk of meggings making their way across the pond.

One industry insider lamented, “The bad news is [meggings] are on their way to Britain. Uniqlo is already selling them on its British website, and their success in New York is seen as an indication they will also prove popular here.”

However, Internet entrepreneur Mark Dorosz is excited about the whole thing. “Male tights are so much more comfortable than skinny jeans. I’ve always had good legs and it’s nice to show them off all year round.”

Still, meggings are far from gaining mainstream acceptance. Four-Pins editor Lawrence Schlossman declared, “Meggings are another ridiculous Fashion Illuminati initiative that 0% of normal guys can wear without looking like a d**khead. They are for working out and being A$AP Rocky. If you are not working out and not A$AP Rocky, please stick to pants.”

Photo Credit: American Apparel

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