White After Labor Day Has Never Been Hotter

Posted Monday October 15, 2012 8:59 AM GMT

Rules were meant to be broken. And boy, being a sartorial risk-taker has never looked so good.

While wearing white after Labor Day has typically been taboo in the past, several celebs have transformed the former faux pa into a major fashion trend as of late.

We're a full month into fall, and stars like Lauren Conrad, Taylor Swift and Jennifer Lopez have continued to turn up on red carpets decked out in light-hued ensembles. Frankly, we love it.

Of course, there is a difference in the way to wear the color dependent on the time of year. As the cooler months creep up, winter whites are the best choice. Those shades include ivory, cream, eggshell, bone and ecru.

Additionally, pieces worn during autumn should be crafted of a heavier material than those donned in the summertime.

Another way to blend your white items into this season's wardrobe is to pair them with deep jewel tones (which just so happen to be very on trend right now.

Photo Credit: Getty Images

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