Cheryl Cole: How to Copy Her Sultry Eye Makeup Look in Stylist Magazine

Posted Friday April 6, 2012 1:46 PM GMT

Bringing her beauty to another publication's pages, the lovely Cheryl Cole landed herself the cover of the April 2012 issue of Stylist.

The former Girls Aloud singer glams up the magazine feature titled 'Power Games' while modeling this season's 'most eye-empowering looks'.

Below is a rundown of the four alluring eye looks applied to Miss Cole, with step by step instructions on how to get them yourself. For more, be sure to check out Stylist!

-Prep eyelids with a nude base, this smooths the skintone allowing the liner to stand out. Take a liquid liner, look down into a mirror and apply from the inner corner of the upper lash line to the center. Then start at the outer corner where the flick will finish and work back across. This is much easier than painting straight across the lid. For the lower lash line, pull your temple so the skin is taut and starting from outer corner work towards the center of the eye diagonally – it will make your eyes look bigger. ( Click Here to see Cheryl showing off the Graphic look)

-Paint gel eyeliner across the upper lash line and extend it out into a cat's eye flick. Use a blending brush to take it up to the socket line and outwards. Press a graphite or black eyeshadow over the shape you have created an up to the brow. Add a touch of Vaseline to the center of the lid for a high-gloss look finishing with several layers of metallic kohl and two coats of mascara. ( Click Here to see Cheryl showing off the Lacquered look)

-This is the easiest of all eye looks. Prep below the brow bone and beneath the eye with a light-reflecting concealer, then dust with translucent powder. Add black kohl to the upper and lower waterline. Draw an egg shape over the eyelid, fill it in and, while it's still waxy, take an eye brush and press on little piles of glitter, building them up. Sweep away the powder and any stray flecks of glitter with a large brush. Add lots of mascara. This is definitely a party look. ( Click Here to see Cheryl showing off the Bronzed look)

-Smooth a creamy eye base over the entire lid. Then, with a black eye pencil, trace the upper and lower lash lines, softening the line with your finger. Extend the black pencil from the outer corner, curve it around into the socket line and blur with a brush. Then sweep a taupe eyeshadow across the lid and up to the brow, pressing a deep-grey shade of shadow over the kohl arc. Finish with lashings of mascara." ( Click Here to see Cheryl showing off the Sculpted look)

Photo Credit: Simon Emmett for Stylist

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