Jennifer Lawrence is Marvelous in Marie Claire

Posted Thursday May 8, 2014 9:55 AM GMT

She trips at awards shows, laughs off rumors and makes hit films, so it would seem Jennifer Lawrence prefers to call her own shots these days.

And in her new interview with Marie Claire magazine, the “Hunger Games: Catching Fire” actress admits her lack of a filter may give people the wrong impression of who she really is.

Lawrence explained, “I'm not like, 'I'm a rebel; I'm out of control.' I just don't think about things before I say them or do them."

Jennifer also lamented the lack of realistic movie characters as of late- “Show somebody who crawls into bed without washing her face and brushing her teeth because she's hammered—then I can get on board. Show me somebody who just shaves her shins and not her thighs."

As for the death of her “Hunger Games” costar Philip Seymour Hoffman, Jen admitted, “I work very hard to forget that day. It just sucks. When you lose a friend, someone who you really like and who makes you laugh, it takes so long for it to sink in."

And Ms. Lawrence tends to prefer pals who aren’t obsessed with their own image. “I don't trust a girl who doesn't have any girlfriends. I have really close girlfriends, but they are guys like me—girls who eat and don't know anything about fashion."

Photo Credit: Jan Welters for Marie Claire

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