Kate Moss Smiles Pretty for Harper’s Bazaar May 2014

Posted Thursday April 17, 2014 9:00 PM GMT

Having lasted through several decades of the always-changing fashion industry, it’s great to see Kate Moss still smiling on the cover of the May 2014 issue of Harper's Bazaar.

The seemingly ageless 40-year-old beauty worked with Terry Richardson for the flawless spread, showcasing some of her very own Kate Moss Topshop designs alongside looks from Balmain, Saint Laurent and Tom Ford.

And while Kate has plenty of highly-paid staffers to keep her looking amazing, she usually just relies on her built-in tastemaker, 11-year-old daughter Lila.

Moss notes, “My daughter, Lila, is my style critic. She’ll say, ‘No, Mummy, you can’t wear that.’ She’s very good. I do trust her instinct.”

Kate also mentions she’s glad she’s developed a strong sense of what she wants- “Having the confidence to say no to things that I don’t feel comfortable with. I definitely feel more comfortable in my own skin since turning 40.”

Meanwhile, Ms. Moss prefers to take her cues from the Sizzling Seventies- “I didn’t really have a mentor, but I have always definitely been inspired by the ’70s—the Stones, Patti Smith, Anita Pallenberg…”

Photo Credit: Terry Richardson for Harper's Bazaar

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