Madame Figaro Taps Kirsten Dunst for June 2014 Cover

Posted Thursday June 5, 2014 9:50 AM GMT

She has always been pretty uninhibited when it comes to her fashion flavor, and for her Madame Figaro cover, Kristen Dunst opted to ditch her top.

In her interview, the “Melancholia” actress shares her love for France and asserts that stars like Gena Rowlands, Anjelica Huston, Julianne Moore and Charlotte Rampling are unparalleled when it comes to effortless glamour.

Kirsten explains, “[They are] women who have confidence in themselves, who do not seek to prove anything. It is a quality that is lost among young actresses.”

Furthermore, Dunst says she loves the fact that her French fans aren’t concerned with box office blockbuster stats the way Americans tend to be.

“I feel more appreciated, more special, France. In the United States, if you are not in the latest superhero movie, people will forget. In France, it is different; people still speak to me a lot about my former roles in more underground stuff.”

Photo Credit: James White for Madame Figaro

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