Miss Vogue October 2014 Checks In with Kylie Jenner

Posted Friday September 5, 2014 10:50 AM GMT

There’s never a dull moment in her life, and Kylie Jenner is remarkably well-adjusted considering her massive mixed family and constant media scrutiny.

In her new interview for the October 2014 issue of Miss Vogue magazine, the 17-year-old stunner shared, “I don't even remember a time before we started filming the show… I think people like to watch us because they all have their favorite.”

As for family dynamics, Kylie noted, “[Kendall and I] balance each other out, she's super shy and I'm super outgoing. [Khloe] helped raise us and was often the one to discipline us. [Kim and I] butt heads but in a sisterly manner. We like to succeed as a group, so we are never really jealous. We don't want each other to fail.”

“You're growing up and trying to find yourself but you have no room for mistakes. We all support each other. But it is different for us - Kendall and I are growing up in the spotlight. They had their adolescent years in private. Thank God I have Kendall because if I didn't I'd probably flip out.”

And it sounds like things can get pretty lonely at the top- Jenner confessed, “I definitely don't make many friends. It's my choice, I just have a wall; it's not that I have anything against anyone.”

Photo Credit: Columbine Goldsmith/Miss Vogue

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