Shailene Woodley is a Holistic Beauty Queen in Natural Heath May/June 2014

Posted Friday April 25, 2014 4:58 PM GMT

During recent interviews, Shailene Woodley revealed that she is all about the holistic lifestyle and in the May/June 2014 issue of Natural Health, the "Divergent" actress shared the reasoning behind her ways.

In addition to eating all-natural and organic goods, Woodley opened up about the importance of going green.

"As a teenager, I started researching factory farming and genetically engineered foods and agriculture, and I found myself asking, 'What’s the point of environmentalism if we keep separating ourselves from nature?'" Shailene explained.

"The message was, 'We’ve gotta save the Earth!' when in reality, we are nature and we are the Earth. As human beings, we’re just another creature. But luckily, we’re gifted with consciousness and a mind that can manufacture change. If we plan to save the planet, we have to start with ourselves."

Meanwhile, Shailene opened up about her organic lifestyle and said, "People have told me my thinking on this is kind of post-apocalyptic, but I think it’s important to be a sovereign human in today’s world because there are so many things we don’t know. Take GMO foods—I don’t necessarily think they’re great for us, but I could be wrong; we just don’t know yet"

"Regardless, the fact that we are not allowed to know what’s in our food is huge. For me, having my basic necessities covered and being able to take care of myself is reassuring. If the power goes out, I know how to make a fire and where a water source is and how to find my own food."

Photo Credit: Jeff Lipsky for Natural Health

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