How To Tell If Your Beauty Products Are Really "Green"

Posted Tuesday November 8, 2011 1:29 PM GMT

Everyone wants to help the environment and reduce their harmful waste, but when it comes to cosmetics, consumers have to be careful to make sure their products are actually making the “green” grade.

And given that the Food and Drug Administration doesn’t review cosmetic or personal care ingredients for safety, manufacturers sometimes exploit the eco-friendly aspirations of the marketplace while providing less-than-green products.

For instance, items that bare the label “Environmentally Friendly” or “Eco Safe” aren’t always as Earth-saving as they claim. Consumers must research the individual products to see how they’re made and packaged before determining the validity of their ‘green’ claims.

Additionally, just because something is labeled dermatologist tested or hypoallergenic, it is not necessarily healthier or safer than the rest. Buyers must do their homework if they want to know what the company specifically does to test their products.

Other claims that need to be investigated include Allergy-Friendly, Fragrance-Free, Nontoxic, Derived From, Free of, Certified Green, Natural, Organic, and Made With, as the FDA doesn’t currently investigate such claims before they go to market.

Below are some of our favorite certified organic products

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