DIY Sequin Elbow Patch Sweater

You need:
- A knit
- sequin fabric. I always go for good quality sequins that aren’t too shiny as this looks much more subtle.
- scissors
- a needle and thread
- craft paper and pen

- Using your hand as a guide, draw an oblong shape on the paper.
- Cut the paper out and pin it to the back of the sequins.
- Cut the shape out.
- Do a second one the same.
- Thread your needle.
- Pin the patches in place, and then try on the sweater to make sure they are located in the right place. Then lightly stitch them on, using a longer stitch on the inside of the sweater and a shorter one on the front so that the stitches are less noticeable.
- Stitch the other patch on, making sure to stitch in the right place so they look symmetrical.

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