Cockpit & IWC Team for Top Gun-Inspired Outerwear

Posted Friday February 24, 2012 1:54 PM GMT

Expanding offerings with yet another much-anticipated range, Cockpit USA has teamed with Swiss watch maker IWC for an outerwear venture.

Cockpit, who works as the official supplier for the U.S. armed forces, revamped their aviator-style G-1 and CWU-45 jackets to coincide with IWC's lunach of its "Top Gun" timepiece line.

As for the coats themselves, they'll be liscensed by the U.S. Navy, after after being produces in the States, they'll be available for retail sale in NYC and Hong come April.

And while the price tag for these unique wares is still unknown, we're sure they'll be worth every penny.

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