John Mayer: From Singer to Wallet Designer ... What Next?

Posted Monday January 21, 2013 11:36 AM GMT

He’s been taking time off of performing his silky smooth vocals due to throat issues, but that doesn’t mean John Mayer has been sitting idly for the past few months.

In addition to courting Katy Perry, the “No Such Thing” singer has designed a new limited-edition line of wallets for Barrett Alley.

Each piece is priced at $190, which may seem a bit steep for a wallet made of pretty run-of-the-mill materials. Still, for Mayer fans it may be just the thing to complete their wardrobe.

In a previous interview, John hinted that we may see more goodies coming — “I've got a big design thing going on in my life right now ... I love designing stuff. I mean, my biggest dream, forget Grammys, I want to be able to design an Air Max.”

Photo Credit: Getty Images

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