Maria Sharapova: Supergoop's Newest Co-Owner

Posted Sunday April 13, 2014 8:44 AM GMT

She’s spent countless hours on the tennis court in the hot sun, so Maria Sharapova knows a thing or two about the importance of sunscreen.

And according to WWD, the 26-year-old athlete is now an investor for and face of Supergoop, the popular sun protection lotion brand.

During a photo shoot in Los Angeles, Maria explained, “Tennis has brought me so many incredible partnerships, and I have had the experience of working in design with Nike and working with Tiffany and meeting with Frank Gehry. As I get a little older, I see partnerships in a bit of a different way. I look for partnerships where I see the potential for growth in the years to come.”

“I’ve been very lucky to make money to live [comfortably] both today and the rest of my life, but to be associated with something that I believe has huge potential in the future and enables you to have a big say, it is really easy for me to work with something like that.”

And Supergoop’s Founder/CEO Holly Thaggard says Maria is the perfect fit for the road ahead. “This is the first real opportunity that we have seen that has been such an excellent fit. Maria is young. She has an active, healthy lifestyle, and she reaches a broad demographic.”

As a rule, Sharapova says she doesn’t leave the house without protection for her skin. “One of the most important keys to this relationship and partnership is the [idea] that you don’t only need sunscreen when you are outdoors and it is 100 degrees outside, but on the days where you are just going to an office and you might only spend 10 minutes outdoors.”

“You still should be wearing sun protection. One of the biggest products for us is the City Serum. That’s a product that is not waterproof and that is something that I use when I’m not playing. That’s something that’s become a base for my makeup.”

Photo Credit: Zach Lipp

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