Victoria Beckham on Clothing Line: I Wasn't Proving Anything to Anyone

Posted Thursday April 24, 2014 9:45 AM GMT

We're big fans of her self-titled clothing line and it's extremely popular with celebrities, but even Victoria Beckham doubts her success from time to time.

During an interview with Mashable, the newly 40-year-old designer explained, “I think everybody has crazy moments of self-doubt and an element of that is probably quite important. There's nothing wrong with having a second little person sitting on your shoulder, making sure that you're remaining appreciative."

"But you should definitely not waste too much time being negative in any way. It's about positive thinking, positive energy, and fighting if you need to fight,” Miss Beckham adds.

Victoria adds that she always dreamed of being a designer, but didn’t feel the need to “prove anything to anybody".

"I didn't go into this to prove anything to anybody other than myself," she revealed. “I was very focused. I didn't try to do everything at once."

Victoria launched her first collection in 2009 and earned more than $1.5 million in profits by 2012.

Photo Credit: Getty Images

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