Victoria Beckham Enters Eyewear

Posted Monday August 6, 2012 10:12 AM GMT

Her ambition is only rivaled by her creativity, and both are working in concert for Victoria Beckham for her new line of eyewear.

The former Spice-Girl-turned designer is thrilled to introduce her new range of frames for fashionable consumers, set to hit stores early next year.

Victoria explained, “I do need to wear glasses but I haven’t found glasses that suit me or that I particularly like. I’ve always been quite self-conscious about this, so that’s why I’ve decided to do them myself.”

Beckham is joining forces with Cutler & Gross for the six-piece lineup and folks can see the styles (3-colors each) at Silmo Paris on October 4th.

Of the $400-per-pair frames, Victoria added, “I will be wearing my glasses now, and it will be nice to see where I will be going for once.”

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