Closet Confidential: 4 Steps to an Organized Wardrobe

Posted Friday March 21, 2014 9:40 AM GMT

When it comes to a fabulous wardrobe, sometimes less really is more. If your love of accessories is taking over your room, or if you can’t actually find anything you want to wear despite your endless amount of clothes, it’s time to face the music and clean out your closet.

1. Get Organized
The first step is to simply get organized! You need to be able to see everything in your closet, so get rid of any unused hangers, and remove those extra dry cleaning bags. The changing of the season is also a good reminder to donate items you no longer wear. This however, is not the time to get sentimental: It's the style that has faded, not the memories.

2. Store by Season
A great way to make room in your closet is to store seasonal items. If you have enough hanging space, use a garment bag and store items in the back of the closet. If you don't have a lot of room, you can use a pop up container. You can even use it to store shoes, by placing each pair in a bag, which will save more space than with bulky boxes.

3. Color Code Your Wardrobe
You can color code and categorize your clothes with hangers of different shades. For example, for everyday, casual clothes use white hangers. For work clothes try pink hangers. And, when it comes to evening outfits, slip them on glamorous lace hangers. To save precious inches, use thinner, stackable hangers, and to save time in the morning, plan to set out your outfits on Sundays.

4. Save Space with a Hanging Organizer
If you don’t have a wall of shelves in your closet, try a hanging organizer. You can stock everything from sweaters to shoes. Since they have drawers, you can conceal items you may not want to see, or store items that are used less frequently. We were even able to add a small shelf on the floor to store our bags. A great tip is to use a magazine rack to store clutches.

So, with just a little legwork we were able to take your closet from cluttered mess to a time-and-space-saving success.

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