Closet Confidential: How to Whip Your Style Into Shape in the New Year

Posted Friday January 3, 2014 10:02 AM GMT

Come the beginning of a new year, people are always looking for ways to fulfill their newly-pledged resolutions.

Besides the obvious — losing weight, making more money, etc., — increased organization is one we all could undoubtedly benefit from. And, where we fashionistas are concerned, that type of overhaul begins in the closet.

If your wardrobe collection is anything like ours, tackling this project could, at first, seem a bit overwhelming. However, we’ve pulled together five helpful tips that’ll make the cleansing process much easier.

Sort It Out: Gather together three boxes and label each one: Swap, donate or keep. The Keep box is meant for the clothes you have no intention of parting ways with. The Donate box is for clothes you’re willing to give to a charity or local Salvation Army. The Swap box is meant for clothes you think your BFFs would like to go through and possibly take off your hands. You’ll take this box to a Swap Party — we’ll elaborate on that later.

*Tip: If you haven’t worn a particular item for six months to a year (with the exception of seasonal clothes) get rid of it!

Divide Them Up: Take your Keep box and divide all of your clothes up by season. Packing threads away that don’t apply to the current season will make more room in your closet for you to work with (or to buy new clothes, of course). Store them in an easily accessible place so that you can get them out at a moment’s notice.

Get Color-Code Happy: Color coding not only makes looking for specific articles of clothing easier, but it also creates a more organized aesthetic for your closet space. You can group your footwear too! Simply get different color baskets or stackable bins to coincide with the style of shoe you’re storing; pink bins for dress shoes, blue bins for casual shoes, etc…

Invest a Little Cash: Putting money towards organizational equipment will help give your space the much-needed facelift it needs, and will also aid in the longevity of your clothes — if they’re stored nicely, they’ll last longer. Pick up some stackable bins, over-the-door-racks, wall hooks, double rods and other necessary materials at your local hardware or home goods store.

Swap With The Girls: This is the best part. Send invitations to all your friends telling them about the Swap Party you’re hosting. Let them know to bring a bag of clothes they’d like to swap (this will encourage them to clean out their closets too! You’re such a good friend.) Everyone can take turns picking one item at a time from another friend’s pile. Who knows, maybe your best pal will bring that super cute blazer you’ve been eyeing for a while! Whatever is left can be donated!

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