Exclusive: 1-On-1 with Eva Cavalli

Posted Monday December 24, 2012 9:50 AM GMT

In the world of couture fashion, behind every great man stands a beautiful, statuesque woman – and that’s certainly the case when it comes to Roberto and Eva Cavalli.

The famed Italian fashion designer had already been commissioned by Hermès and Pierre Cardin, but when he married Eva, who became his business partner, the brand began to skyrocket. As the driving force behind the brand’s image, Eva is instrumental in styling the catwalk – from selecting models to staging the show – designing ad campaigns, and providing guidance to her haute other half. We got a chance to catch up with the famed designer in Miami.

On where she looks for inspiration:
Miami for sure! It’s amazing here. I love the art, I love the energy that is here. It is really amazing.

On being sexy:
A woman’s sexiness is inside. But our clothes help to [bring] it out.

On one thing she never leaves home without:
My jewelry. I have this piece, it’s one of my favorite pieces. My brother gave it to me a few years ago. And my chain – I never go out without this chain. It’s a bit of luck and good energy

On the essential staples that every woman’s closet needs:
White shirt, Black pants, Black blazer and a leopard print piece!

On dressing DON’Ts for the holiday season:
You should not wear what you don’t feel [comfortable] to wear, what you don’t feel strong [in]. And you should wear things that suit your character … and your age!

Photo Credit: Getty Images

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