EXCLUSIVE: Missy Robertson Talks Clothing Line, Favorite Beauty Products & Rules for Wearing Camo

Posted Tuesday March 25, 2014 11:05 AM GMT

When we are looking for the latest fashion trends, we don’t normally turn our attention to reality show "Duck Dynasty," but we may want to start.

We know what you’re thinking, camo, beards and duck calls? No ladies, it’s time to see past the hunting and scruffy men and hone in on the leading ladies of the show. namely, Missy Robertson.

While her husband is out bringing home the bacon (literally), Missy is busy making her mark in the fashion industry, by designing her very own women’s clothing line. It’s chic, affordable and totally on trend.

We caught up with the reality-star-turned-fashion-designer to the get the scoop on her new collection, favorite beauty products, and how she stays perfectly polished in a rough-and-tough environment.

What inspired your new clothing line?

People ask me all the time if designing clothes has been a dream of mine since I was a little girl, and the answer is … no. Going back to being modest, there’s another rule I follow: “Just because you can, doesn’t mean you should.” My sister-in-laws and I have been blessed with good figures, and just because we fit into something doesn’t mean we should be wearing it, I don’t want to look like my teenage son's girlfriend.

So, the inspiration was frustration really. There’s a boutique in our town and the owner started dressing me for appearances. She has really cute dresses, but I found myself wishing I could add two more inches to the hemline and one day she finally recommended I started something of my own and that’s how it all began.

What’s your favorite piece from your collection?

One of my favorite pieces is one you can wear year-round. It’s a really light crochet long-sleeve beige shirt, that has a cross symbol on the back and it’s really comfortable! You can wear a tank underneath it in the summer or a long-sleeve tee in the winter.

What are your rules for staying trendy, fashionable and dressing modestly?

Buy a full-length mirror! I check myself out in [mine] everyday just to make sure I look presentable. I hear woman say all the time, 'That’s the last thing I want in my house, I don’t want to see myself!' But honestly, everyone else has too, so you better be checking your entire self out before walking out of the house.

We have to know, what’s the best way to incorporate camo into your everyday wardrobe?

Just leave it out!! I’m not a camo a girl, but if you have to wear it maybe a sock or something. I’ve seen so much of it in my house, I don’t want any on my body.

Do you have any camera-ready makeup favorites?

I use a brand called Ultimate Face because it does well for my skin. I have very sensitive skin. I can’t use a lot of over the counter products, so it’s been a challenge trying to find something that works and it’s what works best for me.

When can expect the collection to be available to the public?

They already started the manufacturing process. I believe right now we’re shooting for late March, early April.

For a sneak peek of Missy’s collection click through the gallery below!

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