Game-Day Dilemma Solved! What to Pack for a Football Affair

Posted Tuesday September 24, 2013 2:33 PM GMT

The NFL recently implemented a strict rule concerning the size of handbags allowed to enter football stadiums. Come again …

Purses are to be no larger than 4.5” x 6.5” — think, the palm of your hand.

Naturally, this news didn’t sit well with us and all others who attend such sporting events. Rarely, do we carry a clutch boasting such small dimensions — especially to an all-day affair, which trips of this nature tend to be. Who knows what you’ll need!?

We decided it was time to tackle this whole debacle, and picked seven must-have items (besides your cell phone, of course) essential for all your game-day happenings. Go team!

A comb: Hair is known to go flat after a few hours — especially after a few rounds of beer pong horseshoes and cornhole. Maintain your rockstar volume with a tiny teasing comb.

Hair ties: Because you never know when you’re going to require a ponytail. If it rains, you get too hot or even if your BFF needs some quick hairapy — opt for creaseless ties from Splendid. They won’t leave unsightly kinks behind and will look cute when worn on your wrist, too!

Stila Convertible Color: This is one of our favorite must-have items, and the compact is perfect for sporting events. It’s a lip gloss, cheek tint, and mirror all in one! It makes on-the-go cosmetic application a breeze and is small enough to stash in even the tiniest of bags.

Gum: When you’re sitting close to your sweetie or gal pals in the stands, you’re not going to want the stench of chili and hot dogs wafting in their faces. Be a real friend and freshen things up.

Hand sanitizer: We’ve come across some pretty unsanitary locations while tailgating and even in the stadiums themselves. Keep the germs at bay with a travel-size antibacterial lotion.

Eyelash Curler: Breathe life into your peepers by lengthening your lashes via a mini curler. This small option from Sephora works like a charm!

Card holder: Instead of toting around your entire wallet, stash your most important goods inside a sleek card holder — I.Ds, credit cards, and cash.

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