How to Find a Pair of Jeans that Fit Your Body like a Glove

Posted Sunday March 30, 2014 11:51 AM GMT

Finding the perfect pair of jeans takes work. Trust us, we know.

When you consider all the styles, cuts and washes available, it can be hard to hone in on a particular design that makes your butt look good suits you best. That is, until now.

We paired the most common body types with their ideal denim matches — skinny, flared, or high waisted — they’re all here!

Read on to discover which pair of jeans you need to flatter your figure.

If you have a short torso stick to low-rise hip huggers and slim cut trousers that hit just below your waist. You’re short torso means that you probably have a rather undefined waistline and these particular cuts will help make your upper body look much longer as well as establish an hourglass figure.
Stay away from high-waisted jeans, as they’ll swallow up your midsection and cause you to look stumpy.

If you have a long torso you’re capable of pulling off the majority of styles. Our favorite cuts for you are high-waisted and skinny jeans. Both will elongate your legs and create a leaner silhouette.
Stay away from super low-rise pants. They’ll cause your legs to appear shorter.

If you have a full figure show off your curves in a sexy, flared leg jean or bootcut style. Both these versions will elongate your stems, and the flare helps to create an all-around leaner illusion. Also, remember to stick to darker washes for their thinning capabilities.
Stay away from high-waisted and low-rise jeans, as their cuts will draw attention to the widest part of the body.

If you have long legs your only real problem is finding jeans that fit you length wise. The good news is, once you find an inseam to cater to your liking, a sea of styles are at your disposal! Our favorites for your gams are those of the skinny, boyfriend and flared variety.
Stay away from short, ankle styles. They'll cut you off at a very awkward spot on your legs, and compromise your lean figure.

If you're petite the illusion you’re going to want to create is that of longer legs. To do so, wear boot cut styles, high-waisted jeans or ones with flared legs.
Stay away from those of the hip-hugger variety. These duds will cause your legs to look shorter.

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