The Perfect Fit: Five Tips on How to Break in New Shoes

Posted Tuesday June 12, 2012 8:30 AM GMT

“No pain, no gain,” doesn’t have to apply to a situation if you don’t want it to and when it comes to shoes, there are a handful of ways to make wearing a new pair feel like you’re walking on clouds rather than pins and needles.

When you buy a brand new pair of footwear, it takes a while to break them in; they’re firm around the edges, structured and not very accommodating to new feet.

So, if your dogs are barkin’ in the name of fashion, we have a few helpful tips you can apply to your new shoes that will help to make them more of a perfect fit!

Rough Up the Bottoms: Have you ever worn a new pair of shoes out only to slip and slide on every surface you strut on? Well, to keep your spill count down, we suggest taking a piece of sandpaper to the bottom of your shoes. This will rough up the underside of your kicks to make them sturdy on any floor.

Bend Those Babies!: Another way to loosen up shoes is by bending and twisting them (if the shoe allows). Start by heating up your new pair with a blow dryer for about 2 minutes. Then, work with the shoe to loosen it up it certain areas. Repeat this step as often as you see fit.

Wear the Religiously: One sure-fire way to break in new footwear is by wearing them any chance you get! Bring them to the office and wear them while you work, clean the kitchen in them, wear them to the grocery store – you get the point. More wear means they will mold to your feet faster.

Socks are your Friend: Although it’ll make for a rather tight fit, pairing socks with a new pair of heels will inevitably stretch them out. This tip also applies to strappy sandals.

Resort to a Stretcher: If all else fails, there is a nifty little tool you can use that will totally stretch out tight shoes. It can be purchased at any local shoe shop or footwear store and is very easy to use!

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