Psst … Here’s the Secret to Finding the Perfect Winter Coat

Posted Wednesday October 31, 2012 1:22 PM GMT

When it comes to investing in a winter coat, remember that no two women’s body types are the same (shocker).

What may look phenomenal on your BFF may not look so hot on you.

So, listen up: We've got the 411 on how to track down the perfect outerwear option to flatter every physique from pint-sized and plus-sized, to pear-shaped and vertically gifted.

For Busty Frames: Opt for a collarless, fitted coat that’s single-breasted. Snag one in a longer cut, as this particular style will draw eyes down and not towards the girls. Also, steer clear of belted and double-breasted styles. Each one of these will again, draw attention towards the area you’re trying to deflect from.
What We Suggest: The Double-Cloth Symphony Coat from J.Crew, $350.

For Plus-Sized Frames: The key to perfectly outfitting a plus-sized body type, is by taking note of where the widest part of your body is, and then getting a coat that hangs past said section. For example, if your hips are the widest, you’re not going to want something that stops there - it’ll draw eyes to this point. Instead, go for something that hangs a bit lower to perfectly flatter your figure. Furthermore, avoid bulky side pockets and double-breasted styles, as these will widen your figure too.
What We Suggest: Nine West Funnel-Neck Wool-Blend Walker Coat, $195.

For Athletic/Boyish Frames: If you have this particular body type, chances are you have a small bust and little, to no curves. So, in order to lend your bod a little more structure and va-va-voom form, you need something with epaulettes and one of our favorite features, a peplum waist. The epaulettes will create stronger shoulders while the peplum will give you the hourglass shape you crave.
What We Suggest: Leather Peplum Trench Coat from ZARA, $159.

For Hourglass Frames: If you’re rocking some serious curves, opt for something belted to show off your sexy shape! Cinching is a quick and easy way to spotlight the smallest area on your body without trying too hard. Avoid a coat with an empire waist line, as it will cause you to appear boxy and much larger.
What We Suggest Helene Berman Faux Leather-Sleeved Twill Trench Coat, $240.

For Petite Frames: The biggest thing to pay attention to is volume. The last thing you want to do is shroud your small stature with a bulky coat. Instead, opt for shrunken, fitted styles to flatter your tiny frame. Styles to avoid are long coats, and those with wide lapels and/or excess detailing.
What We Suggest: MICHAEL Michael Kors Double Breasted Peacoat, $288

For Pear-Shaped Frames: If you’re a little wider on the lower half of your body than you are on top, the secret to finding yourself a killer coat lies with the collar. Be sure to invest in something with wide lapels or voluminous fur detailing. This way, not only will your body look more balanced, but also eyes will be directed away from your heaviest areas.
What We Suggest: River Island Faux Fur Collar Parka, $167.11

For Tall Frames: For ladies who are vertically gifted, sky is the limit where coats are concerned. Since you are able to rock any style you wish, we recommend going all out, and investing in one boasting a fun pattern such as leopard print or popular seasonal trend like stud detailing.
What We Suggest: ASOS Coat in Leopard with Button Front, $123.13

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