Skip the Gym: How to Look Slimmer with a Trip to your Closet

Posted Saturday January 5, 2013 11:21 AM GMT

A new year means a new start, and this year your mind is set: You’ll be a lean, mean, work-out machine. We know the routine – the first few weeks are energizing and inspiring, but around week three, you lose the pep in your step.

Sound familiar? Don’t beat yourself up.

We've got the secret to drop those pounds – with a simple trip to your closet.

Reach for a handbag. Chunky, over-sized accessories will attract attention away from your not-so-favorite body parts. Adding a large bag can instantly make you appear smaller ... just remember: the bigger, the better!

Go to the dark side. Disguise your problem areas by dressing them in black. If you're top-heavy opt for a black top, and if the bottom half of your body is the issue, opt for dark-wash pants and trousers. This will instantly conceal the problem area and create a longer, thinner you!

Slim down without surgery. If you have a few “here’s and there’s” you want tightened or lifted, meet your new best friend – shapewear. These handy-dandy pieces can boost your confidence to its fullest, and will flatter the curves you love and hide the ones that you don't.

Slip into peplum. From shirts to skirts, this season is full of peplum styles. This particular trend will do wonders at showing off a tiny waist and will make tummy problems virtually vanish.

Go nude. An outfit is never complete without the perfect shoes, so try going for the ever-so-wonderful nude tone. This hue will elongate your stems and lengthen any look.

Call your tailor. No matter how hard you try, some things just won’t fit right. But if you simply cannot walk away, take it to a tailor. We understand that you HAD to have the newest top from Marc Jacobs, but no one is going to love a bulky, off-centered piece – no matter how hard you convince yourself. If work clothes are your struggle, a clean tailored suit can give slimming success.

Choose your denim wisely. We weren’t all born with Miranda Kerr’s legs, but we sure can try to look like we were. Boot-cut jeans will elongate the legs while making you appear slimmer, making for one sophisticated, clean look. Go for darker colors and a slight flare – and be ready to strut your stuff!

Make your underwear barely there. Having the wrong sized undergarment can be fatal. An ill-fitting bra will create more bumps and problems than you originally started with. The wrong type of underwear can cause unnecessary VPL and bulges that will leave you blushing. Get fitted for bra's each time you shop, and be willing to try different styles. We promise the sacrifice of color will outweigh the sacrifice of size.

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