Wrap It Up! Rei Kawakubo + Hermès Scarves Are Coming Soon

Posted Tuesday November 27, 2012 10:22 AM GMT

Joining forces for fashion fabulousness, Rei Kawakubo and Hermes have announced a new scarf venture under the Comme des Carres moniker.

And the two limited-edition collections have really been more of a natural by-product of a mutual admiration situation.

Kawakubo explained to WWD, “I have always had an immense respect for Hermès’ tradition and artisanal know-how. During this joint project, rather than being guided by the idea of the scarf as it is worn, I became interested instead in the beautiful ‘artworks’ that the designs on Hermès carrés represent, and I sought to change them by adding elements.”

“By combining them with abstract images, we have transformed the carré and created a unique object,” she added.

To that end, Rei devised the “Noir et Blanc” range and the “Couleur” collection, made up of five and six offerings respectively.

As far as pricing goes, these beautiful scarves won’t come cheap! The Noir et Blanc goodies will cost around $500 each and the Couleur creations will carry a hefty $2075 tag.

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