Shady Spectacles: Find the Right Sunglasses for your Face Shape!

Posted Wednesday August 19, 2015 3:37 PM GMT

Shading your lovely eyes from the sun is just as important as protecting your precious skin. To ensure that you're all looking hot this summer, we've compiled a list of the best sunglasses for the various face shapes.

Whether it's rocking a pair of classic aviators to enhance your oval mug or squaring off a rounded face, we've got a darling option for you. Check out our list below!

Heart-Shaped Face
The best look for a heart shaped face is retro, cat-eye sunglasses. This face shape is characterized by a wide forehead, narrow jaw-line, high cheekbones and a narrow chin. Rock a pair of cat eye sunnies to pull together a chic ensemble and look stunning in the summer sun.

Oval Face
Ladies with an oval-shaped face are characterized by a symmetrical shape that narrows down towards the jawline. Aviators are the best choice for these gals because the classic, rounded lenses balance the top and bottom halves of the face. This style is also a timeless touch to any outfit.

Round Face
The round face is just as wide as it is long, with soft curves and few angles. Square and wayfarer styles are the perfect choice to enhance these girls edges and balance out the curves.

Square Face
The square shaped face is proportional with length and width, characterized by a defined jaw line, square chin and broad forehead. The best sunglasses for a woman rocking this shape is round, retro specs. The curved edges soften the hard lines on the squared face.

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