Beauty from the Inside Out: 3 Juicing Recipes to Try Today

Posted Monday April 14, 2014 3:50 PM GMT

It’s easy to maintain our beauty from the outside. By sticking to a strict skincare regimen, getting plenty of sleep, and investing in quality cosmetics, our skin boasts a glow we can be proud of.

However, what we put in our body is just as important as what we put on it. One of the greatest ways to ensure a healthy-looking complexion from the inside out is by juicing.

Pure fruit and vegetable-packed drinks are full of live, active enzymes that, once consumed, the body uses to transform into tools used to foster cellular health and growth. Normally, these enzymes are lost when we cook foods, leaving our system to work overtime to produce them on its own.

Joanna Vargas, celebrity facialist and owner of her namesake salon and spa in NYC, has offered up some her favorite, most body-beneficial juicing recipes for all to try!

Pencils out, ladies. It’s time to make your grocery list.

Brighten Up
Handful parsley
4 Carrots
Handful spinach
1/2 Apple

How it Helps: "This is great for brighter skin. [It] always looks dull after winter."

Super Eight
1 Kale leaf
1 Collard leaf
Handful parsley
1 Stalk celery
1 Carrot
1/2 Red pepper
1 Tomato
1 Broccoli floret

How it Helps: " This one is just a good daily juice. It had tons of great stuff to help keep the skin hydrated and glowing!"

All Clear
Few slices of pineapple
1/2 Cucumber
1/2 Apple

How it Helps: "This is [very] cleansing. [It's] great for better digestion so it's also great for clearing up pimples. I always recommend you to try these before a vacation. It's great to help with cellulite and awesome for increased de-puffing."

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