Blotchy Skin? Ice Cubes to the Rescue!

Posted Thursday May 1, 2014 11:30 AM GMT

Women the world over spend oodles of money to keep their complexion looking top notch, but the best remedy for problem skin might just be in your freezer.

According to a Fashionista report, sucking on an ice cube is a great way to combat skin blotches, and it works almost instantly.

Cheryl Wischhover explains, “When you're red and blotchy, it's due to blood vessels in your face dilating. So to get rid of that extra redness, which is what causes the ‘blotches,’ your blood vessels need to constrict.”

“The nerve endings in the hard palate (the upper part of your mouth) directly affect the blood vessels in your face -- the cold from the ice cube sends a message through the nerve endings that the vessels in your face to need to constrict, thus decreasing the redness.”

Photo Credit: Getty Images

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