Buffet of Beauty: Four Products to Feed Your Skin This Thanksgiving

Posted Wednesday November 27, 2013 2:30 PM GMT

Why should your taste buds have all the fun? We've found some great products that satisfy those Thanksgiving food-cravings, GUILT FREE!

From carrot infused body butter, to a cranberry face mask, you can now satisfy your holiday hankerings without consuming all the calories … or Tryptophan.

We think this goes without saying, but don’t ingest any of these products. That’d being said – dig in!

Cranberry Sauce – Feeling Beautiful Acai Facial Purifying Clay Mask, $3.99: No Thanksgiving dinner would be complete without cranberry sauce. The sweet and succulent condiment is full of antioxidants that help to protect your cells from free radicals on the inside as well as on the outside of your body. The Feeling Beautiful Acai Facial Purifying Clay Mask is full of 8-nutrient and antioxidant rich fruits, such as Cranberry, and will detoxify and purify your skin to perfection.

Rosemary Roasted Turkey – c. Booth Triple Action Rosemary Mint Bath, Shower & Hair Wash, $5.99: One item we look forward to the most on Thanksgiving is grandma’s Rosemary Roasted Turkey! Rosemary, one of our favored spices, has been proven to improve one’s mood, memory and also possess some serious antibacterial properties. So, indulge your mind, body and spirit in all the undeniable benefits of Rosemary by lathering up with c. Booth’s Triple Action Rosemary Mint Bath, Shower & Hair Wash. This product will not only stimulate your senses, but also lend you a renewed sense of rejuvenation you may need after scarfing down such a large dinner.

Cooked Carrots - Super Rich Body Butter by Yes to Carrots, $12.99: Don’t forget your veggies! We’ve been known to load up our plates with savory sides on this particular holiday, and one of our favorite options is cooked carrots. These babies are high in beta-carotene, an antioxidant that’s converted to Vitamin A once consumed, which helps to repair skin tissue. Experience their benefits on your skin with Yes to Carrots’ Super Rich Body Butter. One of the greatest lotion’s available, the creamy formula is extremely moisturizing, and oh, so refreshing. The product will leave your skin feeling softer and more hydrated than ever before—and in this weather; your skin needs all the help it can get!

Apple Pie: Eclos Anti-Aging Starter Kit, $19.99: There is always room for dessert—especially if that sweet treat is apple pie. Yum! We all know that an apple a day keeps the doctor away, and now with Eclos Anti-Aging Starter Kit, they can keep the wrinkles away too! This majorly affordable anti-aging line is specially formulated with stem cells from the rare Swiss apple, Uttwiler Spatlauber. The products work together to promote younger, healthier looking skin you can be proud of… sans all the sugar.

*And don’t forget to drink your water—one of the greatest skin renewing substances of all!

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