Forget Filters: Selfies Are Causing Increase in Plastic Surgery

Posted Wednesday March 19, 2014 11:16 AM GMT

As if women needed even more pressure to look flawless, the advent of the ‘selfie’ may be increasing the proliferation of cosmetic procedures.

According to a report from the American Academy of Facial Plastic and Reconstructive Surgery, 58% of new patients are now under the age of 30, while one third of surgeons says social media is a strong factor in the decision to go under the knife.

Dr. Andrew Jacono told Refinery29, "It's all being driven by digital images. People can take and post hundreds of photos of themselves during a week or a month, and since you can see yourself from so many different angles, you're aware of your [perceived] deficiencies.”

“Most use photo filters to enhance what they can, but some eventually come in to correct issues with their appearance."

He added, “With photo-sharing platforms, you're less in control of your image since people can tag images of you without your permission or knowledge. This used to be the kind of problem only experienced by celebrities, but now everyone has that level of exposure."

"I see a lot of light fixes: overly large noses, weak cheekbones, thinner lips, small chins, etc. Some men and women have weaker jawlines, and they want to strengthen them so they can look better in photos. An injectable feels easier and less severe than a full facelift or surgery for people around their 30s, so they're more inclined to take advantage of them. You can get your cheeks and/or lips plumped and go back to work in the afternoon."

And it’s not uncommon to see the same under-30 patient multiple times. "People take photos of themselves post-treatment and bring it back months later to tweak the results or get more of the same.”

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