L'Oreal Debuts Latest Anti-Aging Collection

Posted Monday January 28, 2013 12:32 PM GMT

L’Oreal is kicking off the year with a new collection that’s perfect for your skincare needs.

The Age Perfect Renaissance Celluliare lineup was specifically designed to work against a declining epidermal cell renewal rate, which is common in folks as they age.

And thanks to ingredients like Natecium DHC and vitalline, VP Amandine Rassat noted, “Skin is reborn, replumped, and resplendent.”

Additionally, L’Oreal’s Mousse Absolue is another new product that older women will love to help with masking grey hair and adding vibrance to their hue.

Hair coloring honcho Rosa Carrico gushed, “[It] will redefine the way we speak, see and perceive hair color.”

“Times have changed. Today, we are in a new era where we deal with so many things. We juggle so many tasks, we process so much information that we search desperately for those products that just turn our lives a little bit simpler. Absolute simplicity is the new ultimate luxury.

“Over the past 10 years, it has been our obsession to turn hair color into a simple and pleasant experience. Today, hair color becomes as easy as one push.”

Photo Credit: Thomas Iannaccone

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