Million Dollar Question: Am I Too Young for Botox?

Posted Saturday August 23, 2014 3:03 PM GMT

With injectables and anti-aging treatments on the rise for both men and women, we asked Dermatologist, Dr. Elizabeth Tanzi just how young is too young for cosmetic anti-aging treatments?

“There is no such thing as 'too young' for Botox," she said. "A good dermatologist treats the dermatologic age of the patient, not the chronologic age, which means we treat when we see the earliest signs of wrinkles, no matter what age the patient may be."

Furthermore, the fact is that some women will show the signs of sun damage and aging far earlier than others, she said. "For instance, a blonde-haired blue eyed girl who frequents tanning beds may show wrinkles in her late 20’s, whereas a Latina may not show wrinkles until her 40’s. Age is irrelevant.”

As we all try to fight the aging process, it’s important to be knowledgeable and get all the facts about injectables, laser treatments and anti-aging procedures. Here's a basic breakdown of what you can do at-home to combat the hands of time:

• Apply Glycolic Pads: My number one anti-aging product to incorporate into your skincare routine is glycolic pads. Depending on skin type, you can use glycolic pads either once or twice weekly for sensitive skin or every night for oily skin. They help turn over skin cells, reduce pigmentation and improve texture which is very important as the skin ages. They give all skin types a healthy, luminous glow and they also improve the absorption of other skin care ingredients.

• Avoid Carbs: A diet high in processed food, carbohydrates and salt also lead to inflammation which, in time, leads to accelerated aging.

• Don’t Over Exfoliate: Many people use products or over-exfoliate that dry-out and strip the skin of it’s natural oils. Over time, this also leads to chronic inflammation that accelerates the breakdown of collagen and results in faster skin aging.

• Get Sleep: When a person is chronically fatigued, stress-hormones are released in the body and wreak havoc on the skin. When exposed to stress hormones over long periods of time, the skin is in a state of constant inflammation which will accelerate the aging process.

• Moisturize: Moisturize every night and use a humidifier in the bedroom to keep skin supple and soft.

• Quit Smoking: Smoking accelerates aging through inflammation, lack of oxygen to the skin and toxins in the smoke.

• Stay out of the Sun: The majority of what is considered “aging” skin is from the sun. If patients don’t believe me, I always tell them to compare the skin on their chest to the skin on their bum. That usually triggers an “a-ha” moment.

• Use Retinols: Retinols have fantastic anti-aging, as well as anti-acne properties and have been shown to improve collagen, clean pores and give the skin a healthy glow.

• Wear a Hat: Hats, hats, hats! To avoid melasma, it’s best to wear a hat whenever the sun shines on the face during pregnancy because ultraviolet A light will get through even the best sunblock.

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