Stila Fans Unite: Brand Launches Refreshing New Skincare

Posted Monday December 24, 2012 1:57 PM GMT

Taking their game to the next level, Stila has announced a brand new range of amazing skincare products for the New Year.

According to creative director Sarah Lucero (via, the six-piece collection includes face wash, toner, cleansing wipes, facial scrub, moisturizer, and brightening serum.

Lucero explained, “We decided to launch the skincare line because we really wanted our customers to have great, prepped skin to apply makeup, and the time was right for us to deliver that.”

“We’re known as a makeup brand, and our focus is on providing products that are really needed, that perfect the skin, and which give you a really good base. We were also waiting until the right technology and ingredients came along.”

Photo Credit: Stila

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