Très Belle! A Parisian-Inspired Body Scrub to Restore Your Youth

Posted Friday December 14, 2012 10:39 AM GMT

We've always been envious of French women. Not only do they possess alluring accents, innate fashion sense, and coquettish auras that stop men dead in their tracks — they also have flawless skin!

So when Caudalie, a brand created in a vineyard in Bordeux, opened a store in New York, we were determined (and hopeful) to find out if wine could really be the French Fountain of Youth? And it is. Sort of.

According to Mathilde, co-founder of Caudalie, the very same grape seed and vines used to produce wine, actually have amazing anti-aging properties. While guzzling barrels of the sweet elixir won't help you turn back the hands of time, their line of products has a patented method of extracting the healing properties from one of our favorite plants.

Check out this scrub she made especially for us, using ingredients found in her own products. Take note: If you don't possess the bucks to shell out for these exotic ingredients, any local variety will work.

What you’ll need:
- Honey from Bordeux (or from your local grocery store)
- Brown sugar
- East Hampton grape seed
- French Grape seed oil
- Oil of lemon and lemon grass oil from the South of France.

How to:
- Mix equal parts of each ingredient in a bowl.
- Add a dash of body lotion to hold everything together.
- Use all over body. The sugar will melt and the grape seed will leave a soft oil on the skin.
- Keep refrigerated - and toss after two weeks.

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