Chanel Market: Grocery Shopping Has Never Been so Chic

Posted Wednesday March 5, 2014 5:45 PM GMT

When guests arrived at the Grand Palais on Tuesday (March 4), they were in for quite the treat: A Chanel Shopping Center.

The supermarket, designed by Karl Lagerfeld, was a 139,930-square-foot area that took each model – including Kendall Jenner and Cara Delevingne – four and a half minutes to walk. As for the food, from Chanel Spaghetti and bread to soup and nuts, each item contained the brand's signature logo.

Early onlookers smiled and shopped the 500-plus products, snapping photos of each creation and display sign. While the scene was creative, it was also for a good cause – all food was given to charities and packaged products will be recycled for window displays in Chanel stores worldwide.

So, what was the reasoning behind such an extravagant runway? “After the art show, I said, ‘What can we do worse, something [more about] today,’” explained Lagerfeld to WWD. “The supermarket is a thing of today’s life. Even the woman who wears expensive clothing goes to the supermarket, but she shouldn’t go in stilettos.”

Aiming for an “ordinary life” collection, tweed jackets, metallic trousers and flirty A-line skirts paraded down each aisle. The range revealed a sportier side of Chanel than what we’re used to seeing, including a pair of couture sneakers. “The flat shoe makes the woman equal of men,” Lagerfeld said. “When they have high [shoes], they play a part like a geisha, and they can’t be expected to be taken that seriously.”

Keeping in-theme, clothes came in vibrant fruit hues as well as “the color of honey and jam.” There was a trash bag-like coat, which even had slight freezer frost.

Accessories were just as bold, including necklaces made of candy, pearls, chains and locks, and pop-can tabs. Leather gloves, suitcases, metal shopping baskets and tweed sunglasses also headed towards the check-out line.

The collection was so extraordinary that we highly doubt anyone will be lining up in the “eight items or less” queue come Fall.

Photo Credit: Giovanni Giannoni

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