Take Me Out to the Ball Game: Rock a Baseball Hat with Ease this Summer!

Posted Thursday May 22, 2014 8:55 AM GMT

Getting ready for a day at the ball park or just a casual shopping trip with friends? If you are eyeing a darling baseball cap, but just don't know how to pull it off, we've pulled together a few tips for rocking summer head wear!

Hats are perfect for days when you don't have time to bathe your tresses and need a little extra coverage. It's also a great way to keep the sun's harmful rays off your lovely face and out of your eyes.

Check out our list below!

Tobi: Rhythm Nation Snapback Cap- $32
This black, leather design dresses up your hat options and allows you to pull it off with many different ensembles. It's perfect for a day with friends or even a night out at a rap concert. The snapback fastener allows for a one size fits all design that won’t disappoint.

Forever 21: Daisy Doll Baseball Cap- $8.80
Whether running errands or going to lunch with friends, this hat complements a black sundress perfectly. The daisy pattern allows for a touch of floral and it's lightweight design is ideal for all day wear.

H&M: Cotton Cap- $12.95
You may not be a Wichita fan, but this hat is still great for those days at the baseball field. Cheering on your favorite team or just there to socialize, this hat will not let you down. The comfortable design allows you to rock this hat throughout an August baseball game.

Kohl’s: Nike Feather Light Dri-FIT Cap- $18.99
Perfect for the gym, this hat has breathable material that allows your head to resist sweat and stay cool. Even great for an outside workout, this hat keeps you cool, dry and shaded throughout your entire routine.

Target: Mossimo Supply CO. Polka Dot Baseball Hat-Denim- $12.99
This baseball hat provides a stylish flare to the traditional look. Perfect with high-waisted shorts or a white sundress, this hat will be your best bet. Whether going to lunch or shopping, it's is the perfect accessory for the day!

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